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Thursday, January 21, 2010


Dedicated to potential husbands - preparing to honor future in-laws 
by asking for permission to marry their daughter.


You have asked for the hand of the girl on my arm
This gift from God's hands, once held in our arms
        Entrusted to us by His love

This ultimate question is your request
For matrimonial blessing in giving our best
        Entrusted to us by the Lord

We don't take this lightly and we feel honored highly
        That you would ask for our daughter
As parents who care and after much prayer
        In seeking the heart of the Father
Our answer is "We do and we will"
        If you do and she wills, to walk down the aisle together

Will you lay down your life for our daughter, your wife?
        Entrusted to you and no other?
If your answer is "Yes" then our answer is "Yes"
        From the hearts of her father and mother

"It is not good that man be alone" 
        Says God our Heavenly Father
"To leave and to cleave is to become one" 
        Said Adam our first earthly father
"To have and to hold, your only wed one" 
        Said to you by this mother and father

May you both become one through faith in God's Son
        Entrusted to us by His love