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Saturday, November 2, 2013


A Poetic Narration of some Hebrew History

Hunger seemed unending
Harsh Midianite thrashings
Poor Israelites threshing
Sparse harvests in hiding

Friday, July 19, 2013


In my own relationship with God, it seems that He always answers my lifes most desperate questions - at first - as though they were Who? questions.

If my hearts cry is, What are we going to do?  
His response seems to be I AM!
If I ask, How am I going to make ends meet?  
He seems to reply, I AM!
Where can I go for an answer to our dilemma?  
I feel He is saying, I AM!
Why is this happening?  
I think He says, I AM!  So trust Me.

By initially responding with I AM! to our requests, I think that God points us to Himself which may be His way of saying, Trust Me and let Me guide you to each of the answers for your important questions in My timing - because what you really need is a real and living relationship with Myself.  So dont run off and become independent with any knowledge, revelation or provision that you receive from Me. 

Maybe it's just me (Not!) but my desire to be self sufficient often clouds my pursuit of knowing God for Who He really is; which - if we will truly realize it - is our life's greatest opportunity.

Look below at a list of human needs and the I AM statements made by Jesus Christ that apply to them.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


The Lamb Himself was for us sinners slain
Giving up for all His glorious fame
Taking on the human race's blame
Carrying fully off our guilt and shame
I'll never be the same

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Guidelines for Participants in Corporate Prayer Meetings by Eddie Smith

I think the following should be considered when participating in corporate prayer meetings, so that everyone in attendance can be effectively involved.

by Eddie Smith
·       Come prepared to pray by stirring up your faith.
·       Sit together.
·       Speak up while praying because others cannot agree with what they cannot hear.
·       Pray simply and conversationally, while avoiding "preachy" praying and ministerial tones.
·       Keep prayers concise, clear and to the point.
·       Don't read long passages of Scripture.
·       Don't pray as you would in your private devotionals or pray through your personal prayer list.
·       Ask God; don't explain things to Him.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

RESPECT: Wisdom From The Jungle

“Do not fish here!” the villagers angrily told us.  “This is where our ancestors live.”

Puzzled by these words, it was explained to me that these people believed their deceased relatives had come back from the dead to live as catfish in that part of the stream.  Not to be deterred, my African friends tried fishing again a short distance downstream.  To my amazement, we were left alone to enjoy our afternoon pastime even though we were sure that those same “protected catfish” could swim to where we might be able to catch them.

As a 9 year old, I learned from these older youths that rather than mocking, disrespecting and arguing with adults we thought were silly and superstitious, we simply made their requested adjustment and still got to fish a short distance away.