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Thursday, April 20, 2017


First Things First

Prepare your outside work,
make it fit for yourself in the field;
and afterward build your house.

     If paraphrased, this verse might read, “Prioritize your life by putting first things first, like developing a career and preparing for the future; after which, begin focusing on what comes next, such as starting a family and acquiring a personal household; because then it is a good time to do so.”


PROVERBS 17:27-28
”He that has knowledge
spares his words:
and a man of understanding
is of an excellent spirit.
28) Even a fool,
when he holds his peace,
is counted wise: 
and he that shuts his lips
is esteemed a man of understanding.

    An amplified paraphrase of this verse might say something like, “It is smart to not talk too much because we have so much to learn.  Knowing that our perspective is limited, it is always best to exercise self control and be quiet, no matter how an issue may look or make us feel.  Even simpletons are thought of favorably when they keep quiet.” 


“A false witness shall perish:
but the man that hears
speaks constantly.”

     An amplified paraphrase of this verse might read, “The influence of liars will eventually die because their lies cannot last for long in the light of truth; but those who listen - more than they speak - will have long lasting impact and their words will live onward, far past their lifetime.” 
     Contemplating on this statement reminds us that our having two ears and one mouth is an indication of how we should live; pointing to our need to listen twice as often as we speak.  Living like this could help ensure that our words really matter.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


   Awhile back, I took MegaBus to visit parents in Atlanta.  It was inexpensive so I boarded a blue double-decker, in time to get a front seat up top.       
   With my water and snacks, their WiFi and electricity, our long - out of the ordinary - journey began. 
   Five hours later, after stopping in Texarkana, we headed onward.  About an hour from Memphis,     I was invited into an unforgettable conversation with a few fellow travelers.
   “What do you think preacher?” someone said, “We want to know what you think.”
   Turning around to face them, I replied, “About what?”


   Dictionary.com defines the word paradox to mean “a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd, but in reality can express a possible truth.”
    The Biblical view of God appears to include paradoxes; e. g. He is first and last, and one yet three, a consuming fire and loving Father, etc.      
    Paradoxically, Jesus was a suffering servant and is our soon returning King.  He was our sacrificial offering and is our merciful High Priest.  He is the lion and the lamb, Who died (temporarily) so we can live (eternally).


A Poetic Narration of some Hebrew History

(Can you guess my name?)

Hunger seemed unending
Harsh Midianites thrashing
Poor Israelites threshing
Sparse harvests in hiding 
Messenger encounters
Joash's son flounders
His nation cowers
Under enemy powers

An angelic visitation
'neath terebinth vegetation
Transformed a fearful man
From Manasseh's weakest clan

Mighty valor is declared
Purposes made known
Called to fight if he dared
Confirming fire on a stone


Hello, my name is Trouble
I've got troubles of my own
Believers are making me grumble
Their endurance is making me groan
I’ve got troubles
Trouble’s got the blues

The holy people of the Holy Bible
Believe all things work out for good
My threats of death, they call great gain
Things ain't working out like they should
I’ve got troubles
Trouble’s got the blues

I knock 'em down
But they don’t stay down
They're learning to persevere
Success is becoming elusive
My defeat's becoming severe
I’ve got troubles
Trouble’s got the blues