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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


A Poetic Narration of some Hebrew History

(Can you guess my name?)

Hunger seemed unending
Harsh Midianites thrashing
Poor Israelites threshing
Sparse harvests in hiding 
Messenger encounters
Joash's son flounders
His nation cowers
Under enemy powers

An angelic visitation
'neath terebinth vegetation
Transformed a fearful man
From Manasseh's weakest clan

Mighty valor is declared
Purposes made known
Called to fight if he dared
Confirming fire on a stone

This needy child of an Abiezrite
Galvanized the army-less Israelites
Surprising foes in the dark of night
Including many Amalekites

First he made his own people vexed
Their altar and grove defiled
Exposing Baal as powerless
Destroying their worship of idols

Bold and renamed Jerubbaal

Heartened he sends out the call
Assured they would and could prevail
To neighbors near calling all

Moist one day and dry the other
Sheep's wool proved what God wanted
Though foes surrounded in countless number
Confirmed promise made him undaunted
Thousands flocked to his muster
Many may have been boys
"Too many men!" said Father’s voice
Thinning their ranks by His choice

With fifteen score
They settled the score
Triumphing over their trials
Conventional weapons needed no more
Just pitchers with trumpets and fires

"The sword of The Lord and of Gideon!"
Trembled the armies of Midian
Three hundred men - routed all them
Running from few like from millions

Little they knew
Who in fighting they slew
Fearing losing they started to lose
Receiving their due
Not having a clue
Defeating themselves for the Hebrews

Those who survived
Were taken alive
Killed by neighboring tribes
The rest who escaped
Were picked off like grapes
Tasting justice on Bethbarah's banks

Israel finally got ahead
Two princes losing their's
Oreb's head he could not keep
Neither could his friend named Zeeb

How can we learn from this story?
What can we glean from this tale?
God on our side makes majority.
Life without Him surely fails.

Based on JUDGES 6 & 7