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Thursday, September 1, 2016


Who is this unique person?
He was born in the 30's
Struck by lightning as a child 
Miraculously healed by the Almighty

Who is this one of a kind man of God?
He was filled with the Spirit in his 30's
Called into ministry almost immediately
Eventually pastoring in Ohio and Texas
Who is this radically distinctive preacher?
Ministering all over the world from Houston
He was a man God used to raise up many leaders
Including my wife and I, honored to serve under his leadership.
Who is Robert Lee Mitchell?
He was husband to Grace, his beautiful wife for many years
Father to wonderful children, grandfather to amazing grandchildren
Friend and prophet to grateful people all over the world
Our condolences to all who know him
Especially his great family
Who continue his legacy
To the nations and generations yet to come.